Lola Rose First Asia-Pacific Boutique

During the 22 years of our brand’s history, we have dedicated ourselves to presenting every woman with inspiring jewellery and wristwatches. Still, right now, we have taken a step further and defined ourselves as the storyteller to tell the story of time. From gemstones to jewellery, from Baroque to Art deco, we turn the journey of life and time into amazing tells. 

Lola Rose First Asia-Pacific Boutique

Reminiscent of a grand hotel, we present our first Asia-Pacific Boutique in Beijing today. This will be where you can immerse yourself in the world of our jewellery and wristwatches full of retro aesthetics and gemstone enchantment. Our Boutique embodies our extraordinary colours, warmth designs and unique brand spirit. To give you a journey through time, today, we want you to actually feel the story of Lola Rose.

Our Symbolic Green

As the most distinctive brand feature of Lola Rose, we believe the memories carried by gemstones have lasted much longer than any human history, which naturally becomes the most crucial landscape on our journey today. Like Rome was not built in a day, the striking colours of gemstones take millions of years to grow and to be polished by time.

Lola Rose First Asia-Pacific Boutique

So here in the Boutique, using malachite specimens of the different stages, we have recreated the process of its growth underground for you. Here you can discover the origins of our symbolic dark green and feel the vitality of the malachite in the varying shades of its texture. By standing here, it is as if you are experiencing billions of years of precious time within just a few minutes.

Warmth Design

In this voyage through time, we want to present you with more than exquisite pieces; we want you to see our most warm designs born from our designers’ brushstrokes. So, when you take a walk to the back room, voila, these designer’s manuscripts will surely intrigue you to find out the birth of each piece of jewellery and wristwatches.

Lola Rose First Asia-Pacific Boutique

Every detail sketched by our designers is the most remarkable expression of inspiration and the sincerest pursuit of craftsmanship, from a leaf to a jewellery prototype. From a sketch to an actual wristwatch, we hope to leave you a memorable experience and cherish moments through the stories that travelled through time.

The Wall of Time

Coming to the end of this journey, we want to show you the DNA of our brand, written by a wall of precious gemstones. Each gemstone has grown over millions of years to become its present form. Like every gem has its unique colour, we believe that every single of you also shines with your one and only glamour. 

Lola Rose First Asia-Pacific Boutique

Just as aquamarine holds a sailor’s fondness, mother-of-pearl sings the praise of the sea, and citrine hints at the fortune to come. Giving different meanings to our gemstones, we use the rich colours as a medium to honour nature’s timeless work of art, to narrate each unique story, and to give you our best wishes.

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