Untitled Beauty, Indefinable Life

Lola Rose is thrilled to announce our new global ambassador, Tang Wei. You will know Tang Wei from her award-winning acting and artistry, and just like the precious gems in our Lola Rose watches and jewellery, Tang Wei is a true beauty in all its forms. Showcasing the vitality of Malachite, the strength of Sandstone, and the gentle beauty of Mother of Pearl, Tang Wei has a gem-like spirit to match her effortless grace and beauty.

Tang Wei Showcase Lola Rose Vitality of Malachite

It takes millions of years for each gemstone to be formed, with complex geologic processes creating one-of-a-kind precious stones. When we see each unique and brilliant gem, they shine just like the undefinable spirit and energy that women hold within themselves. We are always in search of a way to capture that unique feminine beauty and energy into unforgettable jewellery and watches.

Tang Wei Showcase Lola Rose Watches Jewellery

Now, through the eyes of Tang Wei, we want to invite you to be our guest and explore the stories and history of Lola Rose and the precious materials that make up our soon-to-be-launched jewellery collection. Through stunning design and craftsmanship, this collection is an expression of the strength, vitality and spirit that we see in all of the powerful women around us.

From an athletic, studious young girl who liked to play piano, to an award-winning movie star, Tang Wei is a living example of the dynamic strength and talent of women. She never believed that she would be an actress or a movie-star, but by following her dreams fearlessly, and being true to herself and her passions, she has succeeded.

Tang Wei Showcase Lola Rose Precious Materials

We hope that with our new jewellery collections, and our classic gemstone watch collections, you will discover your most confident self, and create a life of elegance, luxury and romance. True beauty and grace stands the test of time, and with time as your tool you can face the world head on, and live life as the authentic ‘you’!

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