Why Blue Sandstone Is The New ‘it’ Material For Watches 

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Why The Blue

Of all the gemstones used as a base for luxury dial watches, blue sandstone is the most popular today. It is considered the new “It” material for watches and is highly sought-after by the biggest names in the watchmaker industry.

An artificial gemstone with origins in Italy, blue sandstone is characterised by a deep blue base colour with seemingly limitless sparkles that mimics the vast starry sky at night. With each turn of a dial watch, the quartz sand peppered all over the blue base sparkles like the night sky, creating a subtle sense of mystery and luxury on the wearer’s wrist.

Blue is a primary colour that’s universally flattering on all skin tones, making it a neutral colour that’s easy to style. From casual to evening wear, and even for formal events, blue sandstone wears well with any outfit and colour. But if you must follow a styling tip, wear your watch with neutral-coloured clothing to emphasise your beautiful piece of wrist accessory.

Although blue is a common and favoured colour among watchmakers, sandstone takes any watch to the next level by offering sparkle without being too extravagant.Simple, understated, but elegant and sophisticated at the same time. That’s how we would describe a blue sandstone dial watch. It is the kind of accessory that you can wear on any given day, whether you’re running errands or attending a black-tie event.

What is a Blue Sandstone

Many people believe blue sandstone brings good luck and success. The artificial gemstone, known for its calming effect and deep blue colour, is composed of glass and minerals. During the glass-making process, metal is infused into the artificial glass containing cobalt, chromium, manganese, and magnesium. Scattered throughout the stone are also light-coloured specks of quartz sand that provide a shimmery finish.

The origin of sandstones is unknown, but collectors believe an Italian family developed the process that led to them. It’s said that the Miottis family from Venice, Italy, invented the procedure for making sandstones. In the 17th century, it claimed that a glass-making family had discovered how to do it. 

Other experts think it was an accident when Venetian missionaries dropped copper shavings into a molten glass vat that inspired monks in Italy to create this method.Regardless of its origins, blue sandstone has become one of the most widely used gemstones in jewellery-making, especially for watches.

The gemstone is also known as the “Wishing Stone,” “Destiny Stone,” and “Stone of Ambition.” It’s believed to bring good fortune, achievement, and wealth into the user’s life, and it’s not just beautiful but also used by users to unblock their throat chakra.Blue sandstone is a popular choice for those who want to improve their communication skills, as it’s said to help with public speaking and self-expression. The gemstone is also used to calm nerves and ease anxiety.

Whether you believe in the power of blue sandstone or not, there’s no denying that the gemstone is stunning. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury to their jewellery watch collection.

What Does Blue Sandstone Symbolise

Blue sandstone, a stone that looks like the galaxy, is more than just an accessory. It has different benefits and meanings depending on culture and belief. Here are some of the benefits that have been associated with blue sandstone:

Stone of Communication

In the world of crystals, blue stones are associated with the throat chakra. Blue sandstone inspires wearers to communicate their emotions, helping to unblock thoughts and emotions that people keep bottled up inside of them. It also fosters healthy communication between people, reducing misunderstandings and misgivings between loved ones.

Stone of Calmness

If you have anxiety, worries, and fears, this stone will help you to relax. It is perfect for anyone currently going through problems and those who find it hard to fall asleep because they can’t relax.

Stone of Ambition

Blue has always been associated with leadership, intelligence, integrity, and ability. Crystal collectors believe blue sandstone brings about success in whatever field you choose to take.

Stone of Success and Abundance

If you have a business, are trying to climb the corporate ladder, or are still a student, this stone is for you. It helps to attract abundance and prosperity, helping you succeed in life.

Different cultures all over the world value this gemstone. Mostly made and found in the US, it is valued as a good luck charm, evident in its prominence in jewellery and accessories. It is also highly regarded in China, which is called, Jinxing Boli, or “gold star glass.” It is used as a gemstone for protection in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Blue sandstone is a unique and beautiful stone that can be found in many different places around the world. It has various benefits and meanings, making it the perfect accessory for anyone.

Blue Sandstone VS Blue Goldstone

Blue sandstone and blue goldstone are often used interchangeably. They do look similar, with blue goldstone differing only in the colour of the quartz sand and also in the mineral component. While blue sandstone is mostly made of cobalt and chromium, goldstone features more copper, thus, explaining the gold sparkles rather than white. 

Blue sandstone is found in Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, and the United States. Goldstone is found in the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland. Blue sandstone is also more common than blue goldstone.

The main difference between blue sandstone and blue goldstone is their colour. Blue sandstone ranges in colour from a pale blue to a deep blue, while blue goldstone is a bright blue with flecks of glitter. The glitter in blue goldstone is actually copper, which is included in the stone during the manufacturing process. Blue sandstone does not contain any glitter.

Another difference between blue sandstone and blue goldstone is their hardness. Blue sandstone has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 7, while blue goldstone has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 6. This means that blue sandstone is more durable than blue goldstone and is less likely to scratch or chip.

So, if you’re looking for a durable blue gemstone with a deep, rich colour, blue sandstone is the better choice. Blue goldstone will be a good option if you prefer a brighter blue colour with sparkles. Both gemstones symbolise ambition, success, intelligence, prosperity, and authority. In terms of meaning, benefits, and application, these gemstones are the same, with only differences in the sand’s colour and mineral content.

Blue Sandstone Wristwatch

Blue Sandstone Dial Watch

Lola Rose’s Blue Sandstone Watch Band features a beautiful base that resembles the vast galaxy. Made of a 316L stainless steel band, the rose gold frame is made of the same material, embracing the octagonal shape of the blue sandstone base. Contrasting each other in terms of colour, the main watch is showcased and highlighted in all of its glory.

The blue sandstone dial shines bright like the starry night, exuding elegance and sophistication on the wearer’s hand. Its thin, 10mm stainless steel band offers a feminine feature that makes it especially beautiful on women, offering an almost delicate appeal on the hand without looking frail. It is dainty and luxurious with a touch of masculinity in the blue colour and frame shape.

A touch of black onyx is also featured on the crown, with the symbolism of love and hope in terms of gem meanings.This beautiful watch is easy to style and wear as well. With blue and rose gold, it is perfect to wear during the daytime and night. Wear a simple shift dress, blazer, and closed shoes for a business casual look. Or, you can wear this watch with jeans, flat black doll shoes, and a regular button-down collared shirt for common daily garb.

If you’re going on a romantic date, this watch goes perfectly well with a sleeved knee-length dress paired with a light cashmere cardigan or a silk blouse in rose gold or nude shade.For the evening, it perfectly goes well with a little black dress. The black dress serves as a canvas while your Lola Rose Blue Sandstone watch is emphasised with its sparkle and elegance.

To Sum It All

Blue sandstone watches are becoming more and more popular in luxury watches for women today. It is used on many styles of watches, varying in sizes, designs, shapes, and applications. Even men’s watches use luxurious gemstones on the dial. A gemstone that’s universally flattering in all shades and colours, the primary colour of blue pairs well with any style and type of clothing, from daytime to evening.

Sparkling like the galaxy, you don’t need to pile on other types of jewellery on your body to complete your look. Blue sandstone watches are sparkly and elegant on their own, making a luxurious watch the only accessory you’ll need.

Browse Lola Rose’s carefully curated collections of stunning blue sandstone watches designed for everyday women who value symbolism, attention to detail, and exquisite design in their accessories and jewellery options. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or you need the perfect gift for a loved one, you’ll indeed find a fantastic piece of blue sandstone luxury dial watch at Lola Rose.

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