All About Malachite

As our iconic colour and material, malachite holds a special meaning for Lola Rose. We have used this ancient and gorgeous stone in many of Lola Rose‘s exquisite watch and jewellery collections. Today we will unveil the mystery of malachite and take you on a journey through its uniqueness and glamour.


Malachite, one of humankind’s first economic minerals mined, has stripes of varying shades on its dark green base. These shades give the gem its artistic beauty resembling a peacock’s feather. Through its vibrant green, we can be reminded of nature’s life force and beauty. Before industrial dyes were invented in the 19th century, malachite was also used as the natural green pigment for artists. The malachite pigments are bright coloured and colourfast. In 1981 when Botticelli’s famous painting “La Primavera” was repaired, the malachite green remained perfectly intact. This becomes a 500-year-old testament to malachite’s valuable enduring quality.

This day at Lola Rose, we have crafted long-lasting malachite watch dials and encased them in different collections. With premium quality and style, we wish the Lola Rose collection of malachite watches to witness all of your precious moments by giving an enduring meaning to the passage of time. Here we choose 3 different malachite watches for you to take a look at. 

malachite watches

Besides its value, malachite is used as a talisman for good luck and protection. As a precious gemstone, Lola Rose has selected malachite for its delicate colour and unique texture to create some of the most beloved jewellery and watch pieces. All malachite watch is engraved with a “good luck” back print to carry this warm wish.

good luck

Meanwhile, we created the latest IVY Collection of jewellery to complement women ‘s beauty, celebrate enduring love, and most of all, pay tribute to Mother Nature, who gave us our precious raw material.

IVY Collection

To keep your jewellery in the very best condition, we recommend that watches and jewellery with malachite are stored separately. Also, to protect the lustre and colour of the gem, please avoid contact with water and chemicals.