New Design Delivery – Honeycomb Collection

Female empowerment was never a catchy phrase to us. Like how we always draw inspiration from mother nature, this time we dedicate this collection to the fascinating honeycomb and the Queen Bee who rules it all. From its natural feminine strength and the hexagon shape, we thought “why not making something holds both beauty and power, Art deco and simplicity?”

As such concepts continue to grow in our heart, we proudly present you Lola Rose New “Honeycomb Collection”. This woman’s watch collection embraces our great admiration for nature and our innovation in watchmaking.

Within each timepiece, three different gemstones are used to create a color palette that expresses the unique shape and brilliance of the real “honeycomb”. For one watch style, we have chosen yellow canary stone, yellow onyx and yellow mother-of-pearl. The different shades of yellow add a touch of feminine tone to the wristwatch. As vibrant as a beehive on a bright spring day, we paired a gold sculptural metal band, which is unique and has a modern splendor that takes you back to the Art Deco period.

For the other style, we have selected green onyx as the dial material. The color of green onyx is more understated and gentler, but also own the vibe of natural freshness. Unlike the classic malachite green of the Lola Rose, the soft green onyx gives a harmonious balance to the gold strap and a vintage touch to the whole watch.

In order to balance the glamour and simplicity of the wristwatch, we have perfectly replicated the unique hexagonal aesthetic of the real honeycomb. Whether it’s for work, a trip, or a date, the Honeycomb wristwatch will make your overall look more unique. Like the queen bee that rules it all, we wish you to be able to rule all your styles and every scenario in your life.

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