Waltzing Into a Modern Era

“Oh, what a pretty spring!” the amazed sigh of Emperor Matthias became the origin of the name Schönbrunn area after he discovered the refreshingly sweet spring in Vienna. Imagine a ball has begun, just when you caught a glimpse through the square window of Schönbrunn Palace, Princess Sissi walked in with her exquisite elegance and beauty. Origin from the 17th century, Schönbrunn Palace born with classic architectural beauty, stood as the witness of history.

Emperor Matthias cube collection

So here at Lola Rose, we are not only creating watches for women; we make tokens that symbolize our admiration of historical heritage and architectural art. Also became the beginning of the fascinating Golden Black Onyx Watch from our Cube Collection.” One unique wristwatch uses the classical features of the Schönbrunn Palace will waltz you back to that glorious era.

Let The Dance Begin

Welcome, welcome, our beloved guest. Today we invite you to become a part of Lola Rose’s history and witness our latest Golden Black Onyx Watch.

As we say, this classic watch with unique aesthetic designs, is our art piece with inspired cultural connotations. Fully embracing classical architectural features, the Golden Black Onyx Watch is designed to be a dainty woman watch. Like the time-honored history, the black onyx dial has its deepening charisma that can easily draw you in.

Golden Black Onyx Watch

Thinking might be little tedium with total blackness? No need to worry; we used a metallic case to light it up and add a touch of modernity to the whole wristwatch. The brick-shaped bracelet inherited the structure and the sense of order from the Schönbrunn Palace brick wall. Fit perfectly while remaining top comfort.

Another time, another story.

As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story. The sword-shaped pointers of this classic watch are smooth on one side and frosted on the other, like the ancient palace that was polished by splendid civilizations but also imprinted by the unmerciful wars. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we believe that true beauty never fears the test of time, like real elegance depends on your way with the world and, more importantly, with yourself.

Golden Black Onyx Watch

All the moving details make the Golden Black Onyx Watch not only serves as an elegant wristwatch under our unremitting artistic pursuit, but also represent our wish for you to continuously gain wisdom from the past and remain courageous towards the future. 

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