Ode to Your Triumph

Little over sevens years ago, we were honoured with the ‘Order of the British Empire in front of the Arch at Buckingham Palace. Not only was it an acknowledgment of our founder’s personal contribution, but it also became our brand’s symbolic victory. Our designer reshaped the Arch into a brand-new wristwatch collection to tribute monumental glory. 

brand-new wristwatch collection

By crafting ingenious watches for women, today we proudly present you The Arch Collection from Lola Rose. This exceptional classic watch collection is our ode to your triumph, “Life may be ordinary; nevertheless, your every little victory calls for a celebration.”

A Scoop of the Inspiration

Our Arch Collection draws inspiration precisely from the arch of Buckingham Palace. This may sound cliche, but this woman watch is truly a symphony of fashion and antiquity, a dialogue between the past and the present. Test by test, little victory after another, we have finally found the size that will complement your wrist perfectly and be unique enough to make you the spotlight!

A Scoop of the Inspiration​

If you are amazed by the Buckingham Palace as much as we do. If you also have memorable moments in your life, our Arch Collection is the one to remind you these moments need to be celebrate once now and then. The unique arch-shaped dial brings out the aesthetic design of the architecture. Elegant, artistic, and slender yet recognizable appearance, these are the word to describe the classic watch from The Arch Collection.

Other than that?

So far, you have seen the story we want to let you know, but we are more than that. We have made our vision come true by pouring our heart and soul into the collection. Each wristwatch is a fusion of our warmth, handcraft spirit, and attention to detail. We use the laser engraving technique vividly imitates the arch brick on the wristwatch case, which stood the test of time and became a symbol of everlasting elegance.

handcraft spirit arch watch

Not just the outside, but we bring you also to the inside. The metal engraving on the case back was polished for a view of “behind the golden gate of Buckingham Palace.” With four precisely positioned screws on the back, we guarantee practicality of this classic watch and show our relentless pursuit of craftsmanship.

behind the golden gate of Buckingham Palace

Starting to be curious about reading about this fascinating woman watch? Behold to our artful solution; the inner circle engraving line at the junction of the dial and case is the answer. The reading is clear, legible, and discreet without compromising any of the gemstone lusters.

Preview Your Fall Fashion

Our Arch mother-of-pearl women watch is the one that will never be wrong. The harmonious white, gold and black colour palette shall never be out of time. The mother of pearl dial will give you a distinctive radiance glow in various light.

Whether you are up for a party, a date, or your first day at work, it will always be your vintage-style companion. A suit, a shirt, or a classic LBD, you may wonder. It doesn’t matter. This is the timepiece you need.

arch watch

So be our guest, take pleasure in every little victory that comes your way, to celebrate and memorize every triumph moment with the Lola Rose classic watch from The Arch Collection right by your side.

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