The 5 Watch Types Every Woman Needs

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To Begin With...

A timeless watch is an accessory every woman needs. Watches are timeless accessories that can add class and sophistication to your look. They are timeless pieces of watches that look great with any outfit.

One of the best things about watches is that there are so many different types that you can have one for every look and occasion. Whether going to an extravagant event or running errands, a watch is a perfect touch to add to your outfit.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the most popular watch types that every woman should consider adding to her collection. Whether you’re looking for a classic, modern, or unique timepiece, there is sure to be a style that fits your tastes here. Let’s take a look!

Types of Watches

There are so many types of watches to suit any event. At Lola Rose, we have seven beautiful collections of watches that vary in appearance, shape, and material. The collections we offer include the following:

  • The Ms. Lola Collection: This selection is ideal for women who want a colourful and unique accessory that can be styled up or down. These watches have crowns that are made with stunning black onyx crownsthat would look best with neutral-coloured outfits to allow the watch to be the focal point of your look.
  • The Cube Collection: These watches are classy, timeless, and perfect for women of all ages. These compact cube watches are a head-turner because of its unique qualities and could be paired with multiple outfits. The cube watches are ideal as everyday watches; they can be worn with casual outfits or even business attire to add an extra oomph to your look.
  • The Arch Collection: This collection, while small, is the most unique type of watches we offer. The watches are an arch shape with a gold-coloured border and deep-coloured straps for an exquisite and lovely look. These watches could be worn with multiple looks but would be best suited with a fancier, dressed-up outfit.
  • The Fiesta Collection: If you want to add a pop to your outfit, look no further because the Fiesta collection is perfect! These sparkly and shiny watches will give you a burst of colour and make your whole outfit seem more fun. These watches are great for party outfits, notably darker colours if you want to make your watch the main attraction of your look.
  • The Golden Halo Collection: These watches are another essential for women. Our Golden Halo collection is the most extensive and diverse collection of watches we offer. You will find whatever style of watch you are looking for in this collection. The colour and style of the watch you select will determine what you should pair it with, but all of these watches can be worn for numerous occasions and be dressed up or down.

Rose Gold Watches

Rose gold watches are a must-have for any woman. Everyone is accustomed to gold or silver watches, but rose gold watches are so unique and give off a chic and fashionable feel.

Rose gold watches can make an average outfit look fancier and stand out more than it usually would. Another great thing about rose gold watches is that they look great on many skin tones and complications, making them ideal for everyone.

The best thing about rose gold watches is they can pair with virtually any outfit. Whether you have a formal event to attend or want to add a little extra pizzazz to your casual outfit, rose gold works perfectly for both.

At Lola Rose, we have a large selection of beautiful rose gold watches available, but one of our favourites and best sellers is the Malachite Watch With Rose Gold Three Bead Steel Belt from our Tea-Time collection.

The crown is made from Black Onyx, and the dial is crafted from gorgeous green Malachite. This watch is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who admire class and high-quality watch.

Leather Band Watches

Another essential style of watch that all women should invest in is a leather band watch. Leather band watches are excellent because they are the epitome of an everyday accessory. They go fabulously with casual outfits because the leather band gives them more of a relaxed feel.

But the great thing about leather watches is they can also be dressed up and worn with evening attire because they have a very sophisticated and elegant look. You can’t go wrong with a leather band watch as they will always be in style and essential to any woman’s wardrobe.

Our best-selling leather watch by far is the Malachite Textured Watch with Black Leather Strap. This stunning timepiece is ideal for everyday wear or going out to a formal event because it can go with pretty much any outfit.

The genuine black leather band looks great on all skin tones and complements all clothing colours. It is also made from three gorgeous materials: Malachite, Black Onyx, and Copper. This watch is exceptionally sophisticated and fabulous for women of all ages.

Fashion Watches

At some point, every woman will have an event to attend where they will get dressed up to the nines, and they need a watch to suit that look; this is where fashion watches come into place.

Fashion watches are highly unique pieces of jewellery that can turn a plain outfit into a showstopper. These watches are often used as statement pieces because they have such a tasteful and distinguished look that they are sure to stand out in a crowd of any size!

Our Blue Sandstone Watch is one of our best-selling fashion watches because of its mesmerising dial made with blue sandstone. This show-stopping watch is ideal for a formal event where your outfit is meant to shine.

The striking watch is crafted from Blue Sandstone and Black Onyx with a beautiful rose gold coloured stainless steel strap. The most stunning part of this watch is how the Blue Sandstone sparkles and how well it compliments the intricate rose gold-coloured strap.

This watch is perfect for a luxurious occasion or a night in the town where you want to add extra sparkle and shine to your look.

Lola Rose Watches for Women

At Lola Rose, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with beautiful and quality watches at reasonable prices. Our watches are crafted from high-grade materials that withstand all elements and situations. We have a large selection of gorgeous women’s watches that suit everyone’s wants and needs. Here are a couple of our favourites from our collections:

Mother Of Pearl Watch

This stunning watch is the perfect everyday watch with a unique flare! It has a brown cowhide strap and is crafted with Mother Of Pearl and Black Onyx. The Mother Of Pearl Watch is the perfect addition for any woman at any stage of their life because the simplicity with the pop of pearl makes it a timeless classic that can be worn at any time.

Malachite Textured Watch

At Lola Rose, we love stand-out pieces of watches that will have people’s heads turning. The number one thing that will catch your eye when looking at this watch is the precious materials. It is made from gorgeous green Malachite, Black Onyx, and rose gold coloured Copper. Everything about this watch screams class and elegance, from the lovely textured strap to the stunning Malachite shining behind that rose gold colour.

After All...

A watch is an essential piece of jewellery and accessory for any woman. Not only does it tell time, but it adds class and sophistication to any look. The best thing about watches is that they can often be dressed up or down and go with multiple outfits and looks. Lola Rose has one of the finest selections of women’s watches to choose from. With seven stunning collections, there is a watch to fit every woman’s taste. Now, what are you waiting for? Check out our watches at Lola Rose to find the watch of your dreams today!

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