How to Clean A Gold Watch At Home

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Gold watches① are delicate pieces of jewellery that must be taken care of carefully and safely. Using the least amount of ingredients is the safest way of cleaning your hard-earned watch. We all know how hard it is to clean and maintain watches.

Cleaning an expensive watch may give you anxiety as this type of jewellery costs a fortune. With our help, you’ll learn how to easily clean gold watches with common household items. You don’t have to spend a fortune cleaning your watch! Read on below and discover amazing ways how to easily clean your gold watch!

How to Clean a Gold Watch at Home

What materials do I need to clean my gold watch?

  • Non-gel toothpaste
  • Bowl of water
  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton bud
  • Jewellery cleaner
  • Soft, clean, and fine cloth

#1 Keep your Gold watch dry

The best way to keep your gold watch durable, shiny, and attractive is to keep it dry and clean. Don’t proceed with cleaning your watch if it isn’t fully dry.

As we wear our watches, sweat, water, contaminants, etc., grab on to your watch. What ends up happening is that these liquids and contaminants ruin your watch’s finish. When you use ingredients to clean your watch, these contaminants mix up and scratches develop on your watch.

Watches need to be cleaned as dirt and debris build up inside the watch, and it is important to remove these thoroughly for you to have a reliable gold watch.

#2 General cleaning of the watch

After making sure your gold watch is dry, clean it with moistened cotton balls. The cotton balls will pick up any remaining debris and liquids. It absorbs moisture and tiny specks of water on your watch, which is excellent when you apply ingredients for general cleaning.

Rub the moistened cotton balls on the face and band carefully. After rubbing it, use another dry cotton ball to buff it out. Make sure not to wet the watch’s insides with the moistened cotton ball to avoid any damage.

#3 Deep cleaning your gold watch

Use non-gel toothpaste to clean your gold watch. Non-gel toothpaste is gentle enough for the teeth that it’s also good for cleaning hard surfaces like metal. The ingredient is great because it will remove any smears or dirty marks on your watch.

  • Place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a soft cloth or cotton ball, then apply it directly to your watch’s specific areas that need cleaning. Rub the cloth or cotton over the spots gently but firmly.
  • Start with the spots located inside the wristband, then move towards the outside.
  • Remove the toothpaste with a moist cotton ball or clean cloth. Make sure to remove all of the remaining toothpaste.

#4 Cleaning difficult areas

There are many grooves and areas that are hard to reach when cleaning watches. You can use a cotton bud or Q-tip for these kinds of situations. Nooks and crannies can be reached with the tip of the cotton bud. This cotton buds method is easy and rewarding as the insides of the gold watch are also thoroughly cleaned.

#5 Alternative material to clean your gold watch

If you’re having difficulties with using toothpaste, a jewellery cleaner is perfect. Choose a safe and mild jewellery cleaner. The directions are similar to the toothpaste method, but it is recommended to follow the jewellery cleaner package instructions.

#6 Drying and shining your gold watch

A soft, lean, and fine cloth will work wonders after cleaning your watch. Gently buff and dry your watch and watch its radiant shine. You can now wear your beautiful gold watch anywhere with pride!

Popular Gold Watches for Women

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Lola Rose Malachite Watch With Rose Gold Three Bead Steel Belt

This exquisite piece from Lola Rose evokes heritage, passion, and luxury. The watch comes from Lola Rose’s Tea Time collection. It has relaxing but elegant green and rose gold accents perfect for every woman’s striking outfits.

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Gold watches can be a joy to have and makes your everyday style unique. Although it is a nice thing to have, it requires maintenance to look exquisite every time you wear it. Cleaning a gold watch doesn’t need to be hard, as common household materials are sufficient.

You also don’t need to spend too much money to maintain your gold watch. Just following the steps above is very cheap and easy. Gold watches are delicate pieces, but you don’t have to be anxious about maintaining and cleaning them. A small effort goes a long way in keeping your watches clean, reliable, and attractive.


① “Gold” refers to colour instead of materials in this article.

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