The Undying Attraction to Black and White Fashion

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Throughout history, black-and-white fashion has proven to be timeless. As stated by world-renowned fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, “Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.” No matter the time period, black and white clothing and accessories have always been a safe and chic choice.

Black White Fashion

Fashion trends come and go, but black and white always remain an unassailable inspiration in the fashion industry. Since the birth of the Little Black Dress (LBD) in 1926, designers throughout fashion history have seen black and white as synonymous with elegance, modernity, and versatility.

Our Approach to Black and White Fashion

Not limited to apparel designs, as an essential accessory for the wrist, wristwatch designers also wield this deep black and white complex and turn it into fascinating creations. Today at Lola Rose, we share the same love for black and white that led us to emerge black onyx and white porcelain into our wristwatch design.

Black Onyx White Porcelain Wristware Design

We believe all of you deserve to own a timeless wristwatch, whether as décor or a timekeeper. So here we present you the Rose Gold Black Onyx Watch from the Ms. Lola Collection. This creation is full of sincerity and passion and will surely become your faithful companion on all occasions.

Like how white can reflect and reject all colours, it’s the very beginning of the colour spectrum. We choose to use the ultimate combination of black and white on this Porcelain Enamel Watch. By using white porcelain as the wristwatch dial, this piece is classy while standing out in the best way.

Rose Gold Balance Contrast Between Dial Leather Strap

Here at Lola Rose, our designers chose rose gold to balance the contrast between the dial and the black leather strap. The detailed décor line on the wristwatch dial replaces the traditional time marker, giving you a novel but easy way to read. Wear this accessory with your blazer, date dress, suit, or even your jeans and T-shirt. This wristwatch is our fashionable way of saying “less is more.”

The Added Allure of Black Onyx

Black contains and excludes all the colours; as such, we usually describe it as mysterious, classic, and easy to wear. However, being the darker end of the colour spectrum, there is always a tricky line between being modern and dull.

Our Lola Rose designers took the time to find one black material for our wristwatch, which is textured and intriguing. So here it is, the black onyx, which is a gemstone that symbolises the power of protection, healing, and balance. While wearing it as an accessory, you can go forth with your day feeling confident and empowered.

Onyx also breaks the heaviness of the dark shade through a subtle glow and balances the contrast between black and rose gold. The rose gold and black onyx of the Rose Gold Black Onyx Watch perfectly compliment each other.

Add One To Your Collection

Our Lola Rose team is committed to providing our clients with high-quality watches that are both stylish and timeless. The Rose Gold Black Onyx Watch or the Porcelain Enamel Watch are both fabulous wristwatch that checks all of the boxes of being classic, fashionable and smart.

Paired with a black leather strap for long-lasting comfort and style, this piece is a classic take on an enduring style! Visit our shop to add a Lola Rose watch to your wardrobe and build your own black-and-white accessories collection.

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