Glam Up or Tone Down?

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” like how Audrey Hepburn once described, we have always believed that elegance isn’t solely defined by simple appearance or gestures, it should be how one’s inside beauty shines.

As a brand with elegant nature, we are here to offer you some Lola Rose unfading inspirations and possibilities with our exquisite wristwatches. One step at a time, a new gemstone inspiration today, your own fashion bible tomorrow.


Colour Burst Beneath Earth

We all know that black and white are the ultimate tones if you are going for a classic look. Colour, on the other hand, sometimes requires more effort and time that may scare people off. No need to worry anymore; wait until you see our classic watch collection features with malachite elements. Discovered over 4000 years ago, malachite as an ancient luxury gemstone was polished through time to burst its rich color and unique elegance.

The Growth of Malachite
The Growth of Malachite

Take a walk through the past

Like how ancient Egyptian used malachite pigment throughout the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. Then stunning green could always easily stand out. If you are tired of simple black and white, why not try something different? Think about our Malachite Textured Watch from Ms. Lola Collection, our most popular woman watch with a malachite texture dial and a black leather strap. Isn’t that a perfect choice to show your fashion attitude while remaining discreet?
Malachite Textured Watch
Not only as a pigment, malachite was also used to make amulets by ancient Romans and Greeks. The ancients believe that malachite holds the power of healing, peace, and protection. Even now, it still has the meaning of positive energy. Not just create an exquisite wristwatch, we also draw the good wishes from the past. Our Malachite Watch from Cube Collection, malachite dial paired with a golden watch case can also be your “amulet.” After all, we both need some inner peace every now and then
Malachite Watch
Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. You may have heard that in many ways, even at your wedding. However, are you aware that malachite is a traditional gemstone for a wedding anniversary? If you had something blue already, why not something green for this moment? See Our Malachite Watch from Tea-Time Collection. The perfect wristwatch for your significant other, a sparkling elegant touch to their everyday look and an ideal time token of your everlasting love.
Tea-Time Collection

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